Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee to find you practical driving test cancellations or your money back!


You want a test and you want it fast! We understand, so we’ll start searching for your ideal test as soon as you tell us your preferences.


A quick test means you spend less. The quicker you get your test, the less you’ll spend on driving lessons. We search endlessly to find your ideal test date and time.


You can get  your 100% money back in the following situations:

1. If we fail to book your driving test at earlier date.

2. If you have subscribed our service by mistake. (Please Note: You must acknowledge us within 2 hours by email: or Whatsapp: 07766 292 036)


You can get partial money refund in the following situations:

1. If you have swapped your driving test date with someone to have earlier driving test.

2. If you are going abroad and unable to attempt driving test within 1 month.

3. If you don’t want to have earlier driving test due to illness or any other emergency


You can not get money refund in the following situations:

1.  If you have found an earlier driving test by yourself. (Reason: When you get login to your account on DVSA website, it gets logout from our system as a result we may lost earlier driving test date that we keep on hold for you.)

2. If you have applied for earlier driving test booking on any other website after subscribing our service.

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