Book Earlier Driving Test


Here are the steps to finding your test:

1. You book your test with the DVSA - you need to have a test booked with the DVSA - that's the test we'll change for you. If you don't have a test booked, go here and book any test at your chosen test center - the date doesn't matter (but we recommend booking a date which is at least a month from now), we just need a test on the DVSA system we can bring forward for you.

2. Driving Test Booking Form - fill in the form and pay £17.00 to get earlier date.

3. You tell us your test preferences - test centres (you can choose up to 5), dates / times you can make and dates / times you can't make as well as your driving license details.

NEW! - You can even tell us not to find early morning tests if you're not a morning person!

4. WE search for earlier tests from Monday - Sunday 8:00am to 11:40pm after every 30 seconds and when we find matches we'll text and email you the details - if you like a test, reply and tell us to change your current test date, if not, sit back and wait for some more!

5. If you're unlucky enough to fail your next test, You just send us e-mail at this Email ID: and tell us your next preferred test centre, times and dates that you'd like. You can do this until you PASS for £6.00